Midwest Center for Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery is committed to providing the highest quality Dermatologic care.

Our Physicians are all board certified and committed to academic excellence and the mastery of the latest advances in dermatologic science and therapy.

At the Midwest Center, we have brought together a group of dermatologists with broad and varied expertise covering the wide breadth of dermatologic experience from Lasers, advanced dermatologic surgery, skin cancer, inflammatory skin diseases, psoriasis, Fungal, Viral, and Bacterial infections, as well as cosmetic procedures.


Jules Altman, M.D.
Stuart Gildenberg, M.D.
David Altman, M.D.

Mary G Veremis-Ley, D.O.

Erin Van Tiem, PA-C

St John Macomb Hospital Center Medical Bldg
11900 East Twelve Mile Road, Suite 201
Warren, MI 48093
PHONE: 586.574.2800 FAX: 586.574.2803

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Daniel M Stewart, D.O.
Tiffany K Cukrowski, D.O.
Mary G Veremis-Ley, D.O.

Brian Stewart, D.O.

Northeast Medical Building
43900 Garfield Road, Suite 100
Clinton Township, MI 48038
PHONE: 586.286.0112 FAX: 586.286.2702

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about our services online:
Skin Cancer : Psoriasis
Acne : Warts : Rashes
Contact Dermatitis : Eczema
Ultraviolet Light Therapy
Cosmetic Surgery: Moles
Laser Treatments : Botox
Skin Contouring/Skin Filling
Hair Transplantation*
Pathology Lab
Residency Program : Spa 43*
*Clinton location only

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Warren Center

St. John Macomb Hospital Center Medical Building
11900 East Twelve Mile Road, Suite 201, Warren, MI 48093
Phone: 586.574.2800 Fax: 586.574.2803

Clinton Township Center

Northeast Medical Building
43900 Garfield, Suite 100, Clinton Township, MI 48038
Phone: 586.286.0112 Fax: 586.286.2702