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Mole Removal

A removal procedure where a mole is shaved or cut to remove it from the skin.

What is it?

It’s important to note that moles may differ in color from your natural skin hue to shades including pink, brown, and black. Moles frequently emerge during puberty and adolescence and can be flat or elevated on the skin's surface. By adulthood, it's typical for 10 to 40 moles to have developed on your skin. Some progress slowly, and some may even fade or vanish over time. 

While most moles are benign, if you have one that concerns you, schedule an appointment with our board-certified dermatology providers. We can examine your mole and determine if removal is appropriate. Some patients desire mole removal for cosmetic purposes, particularly if the growth appears on the face, neck or chest. It may also be appropriate to remove a mole that is irritating due to its location.

What to expect

Mole removals are speedy outpatient treatments. You should be able to drive yourself home post-appointment and resume your daily activities. When considering mole removal, it's essential to steer clear of DIY methods, as they can permanently damage your skin. Always seek the advice of one of our board-certified dermatologists. 

Before removal, we'll sanitize the area to be treated and then anesthetize it with a topical or injected numbing agent. There are two techniques for mole removal: surgical excision (a scalpel is used to cut the mole from your skin) and shave excision (a single or double-edged razor is used to shave off the growth). 

After the mole is removed, the area will be treated and covered with a bandage. We’ll provide you with instructions for wound care at home, which typically involves keeping it clean and covered. Recovering from the mole removal process may take up to three weeks. 

If you have a concerning mole, schedule a consultation with a board-certified provider in one of our offices in Farmington Hills, Shelby Township, Clinton Township, Warren, and St. Claire Shores, Michigan.

We would love to get started on a solution that perfectly fits your needs.